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Prokhorov Joins D-Will, King in Turkey

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Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

It ain't random. It's heavy wooing. Mikhail Prokhorov joined Billy King and Deron Williams in Istanbul Friday afternoon to watch Prokhorov's old team, CSKA Moscow, play the first game of the Euroleague Final Four. None of the arrivals were that big of a surprise.

King had told beat writers that he was going to scout the Final Four. Williams had tweeted he'd like to return to Istanbul for a visit (and did take in both the Final Four and Besiktas Turkish League semi-final game). As for Prokhorov, many of the CSKA players, including Andrei Kirilenko, were signed by the team when he owned it. However, the timing is undeniably good news for the Nets' fortunes.

There's no confirmation ...yet... of what Masha Kirilenko blogged on Friday morning, that the Williams and Kirilenkos will be traveling back to Moscow together.