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Ratner: Nets Selling 300 to 400 Ticket Packages Daily ... Thanks To Logo

Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

In an interview on Bloomberg Television, Bruce Ratner says Brooklyn Nets ticket sales are "beyond anything we had expected ... Off the wall," adding that, "it started with our new logo designed by Jay-Z...everywhere I go in Brooklyn I see it." Asked specifically how many ticket packages are being sold, Ratner said that 300 to 400 are being sold daily..."which is a lot."

Ratner also said that he expects to break ground on a 32-story apartment building at the arena's southeast corner "definitely before the end of the year," meaning construction will be underway at the arena during the latter part of next season. The building, which would be the tallest modular building in the world, is one of three towers planned around Barclays Center.