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King, Williams in Istanbul...Together

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Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

Deron Williams may not have decided where he is going to play next season, but he and Billy King arrived in Istanbul Thursday. Separately, the two tweeted that they had arrived in Turkey and even tweeted pictures of views from their hotel rooms, which were remarkably similar. King's was more candid, D-Will's more postcardy. Amy Williams, Deron's wife, also tweeted her own picture.

King is there for the Euroleague Final Four. D-Will's former teammate (and reported Net free agent target) Andrei Kirilenko is the star attraction at the event. King has also said he will be talking to Bojan Bogdanovic, the Nets 2011 pick who plays for Fenerbahce in Istanbul. Fener lost in the Turkish League playoffs this week to Besiktas, Williams old team. The Besiktas Black Eagles have now moved on to the semi-finals.

Nets insiders did not respond when asked if Mikhail Prokhorov would be joining them. Prokhorov, of course, is the former owner of Kirilenko's CSKA Moscow team and has major investments in Turkey. It's also his favorite jet-skiing venue.