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For Jersey Fans, Brooklyn Is It

Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

Andy Vasquez writes Thursday that New Jersey fans of the Nets really have only option as they look at the reality of Brooklyn: abandon hope of a new team in Newark, forget becoming Knick fans and simply follow the Nets across two rivers to Barclays Center starting this fall.

"Look, you’ve been through the pain and suffering of being a Nets fan for this long," writes the Record beat reporter.. "Things are finally on the upswing, what’s the sense in abandoning them now. It’s not like they moved to Seattle, just across a couple of bridges."

Meanwhile, his colleague John Brennan offers a time-lapse video of his journey from Paramus to Brooklyn, which at several points isn't a time-lapse at all: it just stops like the traffic does. Of course, there are other options for fans, stock up on MetroCards.