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Jason Gay: "Brooklyn Is The Brand"

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Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

The Wall Street Journal's Jason Gay writes Tuesday about what should be obvious by now: The Nets may be Brooklyn's team, but the brand is Brooklyn, not the Nets.

"If it's possible for a sports franchise to take a decades-old nickname, shrink it to fine print, and shove it in a drawer, that's what is happening here," he writes. "The Nets is a sidecar, an auxiliary, an Oates to a Hall. Brooklyn is The Brand."

But after Monday's successful branding (re-branding?), that may not be a bad thing, Gay adds. He notes that while popping in and out of the NBA Store Monday, he met a man from Perth, Australia (not Perth Amboy, New Jersey), who was "buying Nets clothing to show off to friends in Perth. It is real. Brooklyn basketball is alive."