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Horner Heads Back to Springfield

Nets Basketball
Nets Basketball

One reason the Springfield Armor are doing so well this season is its chemistry. The Armor have had less roster turnover than any D-League team. Now, as they begin their playoff push, they'll have Dennis Horner back. Horner told Andy Vasquez Sunday that the Nets will not renew his current 10-day contract.

"I’d rather be here," Horner said. "But it’s definitely going to be great for us as a team. … Hopefully we can get some playoff wins." The Armor play the Canton Charge in the first round best-of-three series Friday and have the overall #2 seeding in the playoffs. The Nets are hoping the Armor win the D-League and are unlikely to disturb their roster. The Nets have 14 players currently, but only 11 healthy bodies.