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Stephenson: King Confident D-Will "Sees Positives" of Staying With Nets

After telling beat writers that Brook Lopez is done for the season, Billy King spoke about the future of the franchise and how despite Dwight Howard change of mind and recent comments by Deron Williams, he remains confident.

Williams, Brook Lopez and Gerald Wallace will be on the court at Barclays Center next October ... and be a playoff team. "We can see that in October,'' King said.

And if they don't, King says not to worry about that., Colin Stephenson writes. The Nets will be fine. Besides, he believes the Nets positives are attractive and Williams' purportedly negative comments are overblown. He talks to the free agents and thinks they understand the potential of the Brooklyn Nets.

"I think they see the positives,'' King said. "In talking to them, being around them, you know when things are going south, when guys don’t want to be there, when you’ve been in this business. Being around our guys, they enjoy each other’s company and enjoy playing together, so that’s how you look to build a team.''