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Bondy: Prokhorov Needs To Get Into D-Will's Ear or Brooklyn Is At Risk

Mikhail Prokhorov's schedule this week is not public, although there's some refined speculation that he'll attend Tuesday's Wizards game, tour Barclays Center (which he's never done), meet the team and attend the Board of Governors meeting Thursday when the Nets move to Brooklyn is finally, after eight long years, is approved.

But Stefan Bondy says he has no higher priority than persuading Deron Williams to be in a newly designed Nets uniform this fall.

"The visit gives him ample time to forge a relationship with Williams, give his pitch," writes Bondy. "If Prokhorov learned anything from failed meetings with LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony, he ought to apply those lessons now to his own point guard, Williams, a more practical and mature star willing to play second fiddle for the sake of winning."

Otherwise, he will find himself on a losing end of a battle with another billionaire, from Dallas.