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Arena, Transit Connection on Time

Nets Basketball
Nets Basketball

The latest report on construction progress at Barclays Center still has the arena completed on September 5, three weeks before Jay-Z's Opening Night concert. The Transit Connection that will link nine subways lines and the LIRR to the arena is likely to be complete much sooner, in June, according to the report.

There are still some issues with the distinctive weathered steel facade and it's unlikely to be complete until July, some weeks later than expected. Otherwise, the report indicates that the arena's more prominent features are on time, including ice rink systems (June); scoreboard and other video boards (July) and broadcast and broadband systems (August). The report also shows a "change order" for $26,000 to modify press seating (?). Moreover, word is that the Nets state-of-the-art lockers are ready too.

Images of some of the interior construction at both the arena and transit connection can be found at the end of the report.