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Would Blazers Target D-Will, Lopez?

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The Trail Blazers don't have a general manager or a coach. They don't have a winning record and their record of signing big free agents begins and ends with Andre Miller. For years, they and the Thunder have followed the same course:: acquire a lot of draft picks, expiring contracts and use your rich owner's money to build a winner. Bad choices and worse luck have hurt. (And this follows the "Jail Blazers" era.)

After the Nets left Portland, North America's 22nd largest market, reporters were given a look at a bright basketball future in the Norhwest, with team president Larry Miller promising the Blazers are "dreaming big". How big? He wouldn't say but the Oregonian listed two Nets, Deron Williams and Brook Lopez, among their dream candidates. The Oregonian even got LaMarcus Aldridge to say he and fellow All-Star and Dallas native Williams have joked about joining up ... with the Mavericks.

Kelly Dwyer of Yahoo! Sports blog, Ball Don't Lie, pretty much dismisses the big dreams. "This sounds like something you hint at just to make the punters happy," Dwyer writes dismissively. Of course, depending on how the ping pong balls, they could have two high lottery picks.