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Howard: An Almost and Future Net?

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Fred Kerber and Peter Vecsey offer complementary takes on the latest version of the Dwightmare Friday morning, Kerber laying out what happened at the deadline (which includes Dwight Howard visiting an Orlando Waffle House at the end...really) and both Post reporters suggesting that Howard could very well be a Net by the summer or training camp at the latest.

Kerber lays out the details of the March 15 deadline, how Howard was told that unless he signed his ETO waiver, the Magic would deal him to the Lakers for Andrew Bynum, Devin Ebanks and Steve Blake, not his desired location, which was, "New Jersey, New Jersey, New Jersey," according to a source. Kerber adds Howard went to "of all places, a Waffle House" that morning with friends and ultimately relented. He reports as well that the Magic will demand a signed extension by training camp or they will deal him.

Vecsey, meanwhile, is convinced Howard will be a Net along with Deron Williams. "I believe both will be on billions of billboards throughout Brooklyn when the Nets open up there next season," he writes. "I believe that’s what’s going to be the deal, no matter how much Mavericks owner Mark Cuban romances Howard and Deron Williams."