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Nets Officially Release New Identity; Launch Brooklyn Nets Website


At 6:53 a.m., sitting inside Barclays Center with Darren Rovell of CNBC, Brett Yormark officially released the Nets new identity, its colors --black and white-- and its logos --the leaked shield encompassing a basketball and letter "B" and a circular design with a basketball imprinted with the same letter "B". Both are "primary logos", Yormark said.

Yormark added that the new identity will be unique to the NBA. No other team will have black and white as its colors and that the logos are "simple, traditional.". And no other team has a logo inspired by Jay-Z. The designer is Timothy Morris, a Cliffwood Beach, NJ, artist who has created logos for a number of Jay-Z companies and tours as well as the "Blueprint for Greatness". Rovell later tweeted that oval circular logo will be the one at center court in Brooklyn and that the Nets will wear "Brooklyn" on both their home and away jerseys.

Selling the Brooklyn Nets, Yormark added, will be like "selling a Bentley". He said business is "terrific" and that their marketing is now "all about Brooklyn". He did say the shield logo is a tribute to the Nets' New Jersey logo. Among the first to tweet their congratulations, Amy Williams, Deron's wife.

Within minutes of the broadcast,, @brooklynnets and the NetsStore went live, the team website featuring the identity, two promotional videos and the store, a host of Brooklyn gear from caps to t-shirts, but not yet uniform jerseys. Nets gear goes on sale at 8 a.m. in Modell's and Adidas stores around the metropolitan area and at the NBA Store in Manhattan, Rovell reported.

The Nets will hold their official unveiling at the Modell's opposite Barclays Center at 10 a.m.