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Prokhorov in New York Next Week; Owners To Vote On Brooklyn Move

Mikhail Prokhorov will fly to New York next week to meet with David Stern and possibly attend the Board of Governors' meeting where the Nets move to Brooklyn will be approved, Tim Bontemps reports.

David Stern announced the news Tuesday. "I know I have a meeting with him next week," Stern said. "He'll be in New York next week. Whether he is gonna physically be there for [the Board of Governors] vote, I'm not sure, but I hope so."

Stern also spoke glowingly about Nets' Brooklyn arena. "It's gonna be a spectacular addition to the New York entertainment scene."

The Board of Governors, the league's 30 owners, will vote at either Thursday or Friday on the Nets move to Brooklyn and their name change from New Jersey Nets to Brooklyn Nets. The Nets have home games next week on Sunday (Cavaliers) and Tuesday (76ers). No word on whether Prokhorov with attend either or visit the Barclays Center construction site. He hasn't visited the site in nearly two years. He owns 45 percent of Barclays Center.