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NetsDaily Draft Watch #1


Today, we launch an occasional look at where the Nets stand in the NBA Draft. With both the Nets own pick and the Rockets pick uncertain, we'll take a snapshot every once in a while, offering odds on the picks winding up with the Nets . We'll also look at where the Heat's second round pick stands. Finally, we'll add links to stories on who the Nets are scouting.

After the Kings win Monday night (helped by Terrence Williams double-double), the Nets have the NBA's sixth worse record. With the Nets guaranteed their pick only if they finish #1, #2 or #3 in the lottery, their chances are now 21.5%.

The Rockets are one game inside the playoffs, meaning the Nets would get their pick if the season ended today. John Hollinger's Daily Playoff Odds put Houston's chances of making it at 67.3%. As for the Heat pick, it's at #58. One player who might fit that low is Zach Rosen, the Ivy League Player of the Year from Penn, who Avery Johnson has reportedly scouted.