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Shaq: Working on New Team Daily

Shaquille O'Neal was in Newark Monday night to be honored by the local Boys and Girls Clubs and once again, he brought up the dubious notion of replacing the Nets with another NBA team. With the Nets last in attendance and television ratings, it doesn't seem like such fertile ground, but Shaq says he's working on it.

"Yes, still working on it, still having conversations and still doing certain things to help beautify this city," O’Neal said, noting he could be the owner or GM of a new team.

"When the time is right, we’ll have a party. I don’t want to say things that are out of pretext or context. There’s things going on, we’re working on it, trust me. We’re working on it every day."

While the Nets have agreed not to fight a new team or a relocation, the Knicks, one of the NBA's most powerful franchises, can be expected to fight such competition, if indeed prospective owners could be found. Former Nets owner Lewis Katz, also at the event, offered a dismissive wave when asked about it.