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What's Up With Bogdanovic?

B. Petrinovic (Crobasket)
B. Petrinovic (Crobasket)

The Turkish League regular season ended Sunday with Fenerbahce defeating Tofas by eight. Fener, who's had a disappointing season, will play Deron Williams old team, Besiktas, in the first round. More meaningful for Nets fans is that Bojan Bogdanovic is getting less time on the court and apparently it has nothing to do with his health.

Bogdanovic has played a total of 25 minutes in the past two games, both critical contests, scoring a total of eight points, all in Sunday's win.

During the season, Bogdanovic has been up and down in Coach Neven Spahija's rotation, reportedly leading to tensions between Bogdanovic's representatives and Fenerbahce.

Bogdanovic's contract does not have an NBA "out" this summer, but the Nets have said they'd like to bring the 6'8" swingman over for the first season in Brooklyn. It will take some doing. The Nets can only give Fener $525,000 and the Turkish club is likely to want a lot more.