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King: We Need Athletes Around Deron

Nets Basketball
Nets Basketball

YES has posted the full Ian Eagle interview with Billy King, clips of which were aired during the Raptors game Thursday. In addition to talking about his thinking on pursuing superstars like Dwight Howard and how much easier Brooklyn makes his job, King also spoke about his off-season priorities...and how he's still making plans with Deron Williams in mind.

"The key is i want to get as many versatile players so that when Avery goes to sub, there's a guy who can play the 4, or a 3 man who can play the 2," King told Eagle. "So I think we have the versatility of players who are long and athletic, then you can guard different guys."

"You've got to get athletes who and dribble and pass the ball and really get up and down the floor. So that's the goal, to put enough pieces around Deron so that Deron can be the point guard."

King also spoke about what it was like in the locker room after the preseason Knicks game when Brook Lopez was injured and what that meant.