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D-Will Non-Committal But Says All The Right Things About Brooklyn

Nets Basketball
Nets Basketball

In comments to the media on locker cleanout day, Deron Williams remained non-committal about re-signing with the Nets but said positive things about taking the floor with the Brooklyn Nets at Barclays Center six months from now.

"It'd be great to be a part of that first game, that first team there and have a legacy," Williams told reporters at the PNY Center, but he continued to stress that he wants to play for a winning program, "somewhere that's headed in the right direction" and re-emphasized the need for veteran help. He did admit with a smile that while at Barclays Center earlier this week, he picked out his new locker.

Williams said he wants to sign a contract before the Olympics. Free agency begins July 1 with singings permitted after July 11. Olympic training camp begins July 6 in Las Vegas Two of his teammates, Brook Lopez and Kris Humphries said they want to return, with Lopez making the strongest statement. "This is really the place I want to be. I was drafted here. I love being a Net."

Meanwhile, Gerald Wallace indicated he will opt out of the final year of his contract, saying he can't see himself playing on a one-year deal. "I don't want to play on a one year deal." He expects to make a decision within a week. The Nets would retain his Bird Rights.