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Wallace Hopes For Quick Decision


Fred Kerber reports that Gerald Wallace may decide soon on his player option for next season. Although he has until June 13 (15 days before the draft) to make a decision, the Nets forward said he hopes to get it done before that. Normally, a player has until June 30, but Wallace has different language in his contract.

"I’ll sit down with my agent," Wallace said. "We’re still talking about it. We haven’t come to any conclusion. Hopefully, we’ll figure it out in the next week or so."

Wallace can either play next year for $9.5 million (plus incentives) under his current contract or opt out and seek a new contract as an unrestricted free agent in July with the Nets or another team. The Nets hold his Bird Rights. Jordan Farmar also has a player option, at $4.25 million. He has hinted he would like to stay.