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King: Nets Ready for Dwightmare 2

Nets_PR/Gary Sussman
Nets_PR/Gary Sussman

Billy King skirted specific discussion of going after Dwight Howard in an interview with Ian Eagle Thursday. Still, he made it clear that he's got scenarios and options worked out in his head should a great player become available..."whether it be Dwight or whether it be Kobe or whether it be Gasol."

"You’ve always got to be wondering and having the scenarios in your mind that if they do call, what would you do? So that’s what we’ve been doing. Meeting with my staff. But I’m always thinking about it in my mind if this team trades this guy, what will it take to get him. If something will come about, we’ll be ready."

As to whether Deron Williams will only stay if the Nets acquire Howard, King said, "it really doesn't", explaining that D-Will wants to play for a winning team "and I think we’re on our way." King also expressed appreciation for the team's upgrade at small forward with Gerald Squared.

Echoing recent comments by Mikhail Prokhorov on the advantages Brooklyn has over New Jersey, King added, "Now when you’re in Brooklyn players know, and you can show them the jewel, the Barclays Center and you can show them how easier it is to get around because you’re actually in New York City,"