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NetsDaily Draft Watch #9

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With Sacramento's win over the Lakers late Thursday, the Nets and Kings both finished the season at 22-44, tied for the fifth worst record in the NBA,. The two teams will share 151 combinations out of 1,000 at the Draft Lottery on May 30.

Bottom line, the Nets will have a 7.5% or 7.6% chance at the overall #1 pick and a roughly 25% chance at a top three pick. A drawing between the two teams will be held Friday. The winner of the drawing will get an extra four-number combination (out of a possible 1,000) and also get the higher pick if neither team moves into the top three. But if that happens, the Nets' pick goes to the Trail Blazers.

The Nets' second round pick, acquired from the Heat, will be #57. The Nets traded their own second rounder to Minnesota for Bojan Bogdanovic last June.