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D-Will Saw Nets' "Vision" Again In His Barclays Center Tour

Jac Cheairs - Nets Basketball
Jac Cheairs - Nets Basketball

It may have been a "last day of school" feel, as Colin Stephenson writes, but Deron Williams' good mood, perhaps his best this season, seemed like it was due about a trip he made earlier this week to Barclays Center.

"It was great, it was great,'' Williams said of his trip with Billy King and Jordan Farmar. "It’s definitely taking shape. It was looking nice, it’s going to be a special arena ... I’ve got some big decisions to make. I think going to Brooklyn helped me see the vision again, so we’ll see what happens.''

He was asked if there were times during the season when he lost that vision of the Nets' future. "Oh yeah,'' he said. "There were times this year where it was difficult to see. Very much so, especially when you’re on the court.''

As Fred Kerber writes, "Nets fans may be openly weeping."