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Game 66 - Nets @ Raptors - Thursday, April 26, 7:00

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This is it. Season's end. New Jersey's end (except that the Nets will continue to practice in the state). At shortly after 9 p.m., out of sight in another land, the New Jersey Nets will finally come to an end. After Monday's finale in Newark, this seems more like an afterthought. Truth be told, it is. Neither team is playing for anything other than pride or ping-pong balls. The Nets are badly banged up, with ten players likely to suit up.

Neither Deron Williams nor Shelden Williams is expected to don New Jersey's colors vs. the Raptors. Whether they count as season-ending injuries or not, their loss will bring the total number of lost games to 253, almost double last year's total of 129, in 16 fewer games. The Raptors, too, will be without their best player, Andrea Bargnani, who like Deron Williams is out with a calf injury. Otherwise, they're only missing Jerryd Bayless.

If the Nets win, they will likely finish with the sixth worst record. If they lose, and Cleveland, New Orleans and Sacramento win, they will be wind up in a four way tie for third, with a coin toss for the extra ping-pong balls Friday. Same holds true for Toronto. If they lose, they could fall into a tie for third under the right circumstances. It's more important for the Nets because if they don't get a top three pick in the lottery, they have to surrender it to the Trail Blazers. Speaking of surrender, with Gerald Wallace on the court, don't expect the Nets to do that. How's that for a final irony?