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Green: I Want To Be Part of "Gerald Squared" For Years To Come


Gerald Green tells Alex Raskin what he's told everyone else about wanting to stay with the Nets, but also that he wants to be part of Gerald Squared for years, teamed with Gerald Wallace at small forward.

Being able to play behind him is a blessing man," Green said. "I watch a lot of his game because it’s similar to my game as far as being athletic, being a high energy player, trying to do everything on the ball. He helps me a lot with my defense, him and DeShawn Stevenson. Those two veterans, they’ve really been huge for me… so I hope I get that honor to get to play with (Wallace) for the next few years of my career."

Asked, as he had earlier by Fred Kerber, if he'd sign in Brooklyn for less, Green replied, "Most definitely ... this is where I want to be."