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Was Nets' New Logo Leaked?


Twitter is buzzing with word that the Nets' new logo has been leaked. Earlier, someone calling himself ReapeatXBL said he was working at the "Nets Building" and tweeted out an image of a logo on a wall, blue tape affixed to it, and claimed it was the team's new logo. Within minutes, it was retweeted and posted on various websites including NetsDaily. First the tweet, then later the Twitter account were removed.

Also in a tweet, Brett Yormark refused to comment on whether the stark black-and-white shield logo with a basketball and the letter "B" was indeed the team's new identity, saying the Nets "will not comment on what has been circulated on the internet. Our entire brand identity will be introduced by us on monday."

The logo posted on Twitter matches the shield-like outline and the black-and-white motif that the Nets #hellobrooklyn campaign has been marketing in signage and online hints since Monday night. It also matches word that it would be simple and "Yankee-like". Timothy Morris, who has designed a number of logos for Jay-Z, was hired by the Nets to design their logo.

Meanwhile, the NBA Store was doing big business in selling of the Nets' #hellobrooklyn t-shirts.