The Happiest Day in My Nearly 29 Years As Nets Fan

As many of you so often make clear life as a Nets fan can at times be a challenge. Whether its because of on court performance, the basketball gods granting us unluckiness both on and off the court or more common than not the way the average fan and media treat us fans and our team. As was demonstrated by many large media sources and even public figures who leverage the media to their purpose (hint he's fat) what was supposed to be a sentimental farewell was even turned into a berate the Nets fest by local and national media. To me it was sad, petty and typical mainstream media pathetic but all I could do was ignore it and move on knowing in my heart of hearts this will be over SOON - how soon I didn't know and didn't want to hold my self to trying to guess.

Fast forward today. Go past the NBA store on 47th and 5th Avenue to do my usual test of how few Nets hats, jerseys, ect.. they have compared to every other team DESPITE being in NYC. To my sheer and utter amazement EVERY SINGLE EMPLOYEE is wearing this shirt 75521_10100339737545037_600392_45800619_1555853327_n_medium


So after grabbing about 8 of them I just stuck around to see what the flow of people coming into the store would do because nearly every person, whether international tourist or likely local NBA fan asked one of the employees what this cool looking but cryptic shirt was for. Then they say the Brooklyn Nets and about 50% of people even in the NBA store said, really Brooklyn is getting a sports team??? A whole other subset of people who care want to then know what will come out on 4/30/12 as far as logos and color scheme. Adidas and the NBA have locked this away as best as humanly possible even for the sales people so no one knows until 12:00AM 4/30/12 which has created near frenzy of excitement even amongst hardcore allied NBA teams about this secret. Say what you will about Yormark and Adidas but this is good marketing 101.

I hope for greatness on the court but today crystalized that we are quickly and vicously ending our lameduck brand status and boy is that a big deal. Pay attention fellow members of Netsnation and if you are in NYC get to the NBA store before 4/30 and see this for yourself.