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All Packed Up and Ready To Go

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ESPN New York's Mike Mazzeo reports that the Nets have lost no time in packing up for Brooklyn. By Tuesday morning, all the Nets' banners, their two ABA championships, their two NBA Eastern Conference championships and four Atlantic Division championships, had been taken down from the rafters at Prudential Center and stored.

As the Nets make plans for their last game as New Jersey's team, much of the reporting in New York has been about their legacy of ineptitude. There's been little discussion about how they've won 43 playoff games since the Knicks won their last -- in a first round loss to the Raptors 11 years ago this week, or that in another measure of cross-river rivalry, the last New York basketball team to win a championship was Julius Erving's ABA champion Nets, not Willis Reed's NBA champion Knicks. Same with Finals appearances. The Knicks haven't been there since 1999, the Nets 2003. As for all time records, neither team has won half its games.

Now, who's the standard of ineptitude again?