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Nets Using Outdoor Ads and Twitter To Generate Interest in Move


The Nets are trying to build interest in their Brooklyn "identity" by combining intriguing outdoor ads across the city with Twitter. At locations like this, at 158 Delancey Street in Greenwich Village, the Nets have leased signage that offers little but a black and white motif, an outline of a shield, a #hellobrooklyn hashtag and a message, in this case, "Of Course, It's Personal."

The hope, presumably, is that those passing the signage will be curious enough to pop the hashtag into the Twitter search box and get a stream of tweets from the Nets and their fans about the team's move ... and the unveiling of new colors and logos Monday. The campaign is the brainchild of Translation, an ad agency run by Steve Stoute. Stoute tweeted this picture with the words, "The rivalry begins." Jay-Z is a partner in Translation.