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Who Stays, Who Goes (To Brooklyn)

Steven Herdman @StevieSteve
Steven Herdman @StevieSteve

The winter of our discontent is (almost) over and now, it's Hello Brooklyn! But with 11 of the last 14 New Jersey Nets eligible to be free agents, the question is how much the Brooklyn Nets will look like their New Jersey forebears.

Kris Humphries offered, "of course" Monday when asked if he wants to return and Avery Johnson said before the game the team is "very optimistic" about signing Deron Williams to a long-term deal. For his part, Williams did say there was "a strong possibility" he will stay the last time he spoke about the subject. Brook Lopez has said he wants to return, as has Gerald Green. Same with DeShawn Stevenson. Both Gerald Wallace and Jordan Farmar haven't decided yet on their player options but each has said they can see themselves in Brooklyn. Damion James, who's in Indianapolis Tuesday to get final clearance on working out, would like to return as well. And the Nets like Armon Johnson.

What the Nets roster will look like in July or October when Barclays Center opens is anyone's guess, but Billy King and Bobby Marks' job. Best Wishes.