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Get Ready For The Next Phase

Nets Basketball
Nets Basketball

The last game in New Jersey was barely over when fans who went to the Nets official website noticed this, a black splash screen marred only by the white outline of a badge (or shield), presumably the outline of the Nets new logo, and the hashtag, #HelloBrooklyn, which, also presumably, is both a social media marketing tool and a reference to Jay-Z's breakthrough hit.

By Tuesday morning, banners with the same stark black-and-white theme and hashtag had begun showing up in Brooklyn.

The next few days will be all about the transition from the Nets' New Jersey era, which officially ends with a road game in Toronto Thursday, to the Brooklyn era, which officially begins a little more than 72 hours later with the unveiling of the new team logo and colors. Expect a lot more hints between now and then on the design and the colors, but it sure looks like the colors are, as the screen would suggest, black and white.

And at the Barclays Center, Forest City Ratner noted that over the next two weeks, "The installation of the arena bowl ribbon (video boards) has started. The main scoreboard hoist will be placed this reporting period."