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Game 65 - Nets vs. 76ers - Monday, April 23, 7:30

Michael Giovinazzo
Michael Giovinazzo

What's left to say? Actually, a lot. There's the game and the halftime tribute. Not to mention a LOT of emotion. It's the last game in New Jersey for the Nets and the next -to-last game they'll play as the New Jersey Nets. It's the last step in a long process. The "NJ" was removed from their uniforms years ago, just like "New Jersey" was removed from their road uniforms and the stationery and the end lines on the court, etc.

Now, though, we've reached the end game, literally and finally. For the Nets, the tribute will be the highlight of the evening. There will ex-Nets, some with baggage, some without. There will be video, from and about Jason Kidd, maybe an appearance by Rod Thorn (he has reason to be there) and Gary Sussman will be reprising some of his great calls. But most of all, there will be the emotion.

The 76ers, the season is not over. They are a half-game behind the Knicks and facing a choice of playing the Bulls or Heat in the first round. Best wishes. Of course, they barely got this far following a late season collapse. Unlike the Nets, the Sixers haven't had a major injury. Speaking of injuries (do we ever stop?) no word yet on how many Nets will be available for the last dance in Newark. So, at the end of the day, all we can say is, Let's go Nets!