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D-Will: Free Agency is "Big Decision"; Will Rely on His Agent Initially


Andy Vasquez was the only beat writer who made the trip to Milwaukee Saturday and it paid off for him when he got Deron Williams to talk about his upcoming free agency and whether he's likely to play again this season.

"It’s a big decision," Williams said of free agency. "So I want to put as much time and thought into it as I can. I’ll probably get with my agent [Jeff Schwartz] and see what he thinks. He’s been through this process a thousand times with a thousand guys, so I’m going to rely on him." Schwartz, for what it's worth has talked about the many marketing opportunities available to Williams. "Being in a larger market, there’s always more opportunities, and coupled with the fact that the Nets are moving to Brooklyn," he said a few weeks back.

Of course, Williams also spoke about how tough this year has been, now exacerbated by an injury to his already sore right calf. “It’s definitely difficult,” Williams said of the two games he’s missed with the injury. “I’d like to be out on the floor. But it’s not really worth the risk.”