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End Is Near for New Jersey's Nets

Nets Basketball
Nets Basketball

It's probably best not to be too lyrical or nostalgic at this point. The long- anticipated move from New Jersey to Brooklyn has seemed like a foregone conclusion for years in the front office, the locker room, the stands. The crushing reality of five straight losing seasons during the wait, including one of the worst in NBA history, has hurt. The last few home games, with fans of teams from Boston to Miami reveling in Nets fans' loss, have served as a ugly punctuation mark.

Still, for many fans, this is about growing up, about the wonder of entering an arena for the first time to watch the NBA game up close, hand-in-hand with a father or uncle -- and finding a team of your own to root for. The joy of that can't be denied. The great moments, few and far between before Jason Kidd, were still great and then the true wonder of watching one of the game's all-time greats perform (and win) was doubly joyous. Who's fault the end game will be debated for years. But we'll put that all aside, for now, and let the reporters who covered them have their say about New Jersey's Nets.