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D-Will Out, Landlord Game-Time, as Missed Games Approach 240


Deron Williams' sore calf won't permit him to play vs. the Bucks Saturday night, and Shelden Williams (hyper-extended knee) remains questionable, driving the Nets' missed games up to 237, 238 if Shelden Williams can't play. As Fred Kerber tweets, that's 3.7 missed players per game. With two games left after Milwaukee, the number will exceed 240. The Nets missed 129 games in an 82-game season last year.

By Kerber's calculation, the missed manpower breaks down this way: Nets have started 24 different lineups. That's seven small forwards, two power forwards, five centers, five shooting guards, three point guards. The Nets have also lost six players to season-ending injuries. The team leads the NBA in lost games, different starting line-ups, season-ending injuries and is second in D-League call-ups.