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Ford: Wallace Trade "Disastrous"

Nets_PR/Gary Sussman
Nets_PR/Gary Sussman

In an article about tanking, Chad Ford calls the Nets' trade for Gerald Wallace "disastrous" apparently because of its Draft Lottery implications, adding it "could ultimately lead to Billy King's ouster."

The Nets are in an interesting situation. They traded their pick, top-three-protected, to the Blazers at the trade deadline. It's been a disastrous trade for the Nets and could ultimately lead to Billy King's ouster in New Jersey. For the time being, it's in the Nets' best interest to get as close as they can to the top spot. All three of the top spots in the draft are decided in the lottery. They'll essentially have three chances to undo this trade.

In both public and private comments, members of Team Prokhorov, including the owner, have said King is doing a "great job."

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