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Power Rankings: Winning Helps

Just shows you what even a small winning streak can do for you. Monday's Power Rankings, usually an occasion to look away, showed not just some improvement, but some positive vibes. John Schuhmann and Marc Stein who had the Nets next to last a week ago, moved them up to #24 and #25, respectively while Chris Sheridan (!) has them at #22.

Writes Schuhmann, "Well, the Nets did it. Not only have they won three straight games for the first time this season, but after 80 days as the worst defensive team in the league, they've moved up to No. 29." Stein focuses on the offense. "D-Will has found some late-season inspiration to throw up some crazy assist numbers. The bad news: New Jersey's recent 4-1 surge ain't making it any easier for them to hang on to that protected pick."

Sheridan offers "Only seven games left at the Purgatory Center before move to Brooklyn, one of which, on April 18, gives them a chance to play spoiler vs. Knicks." That would be nice.