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For Suss, a Day of Memories

Nets Basketball
Nets Basketball

For Gary Sussman, Monday will be special both personally and professionally. He'll be behind the mic and emceeing the Nets 18-minute halftime tribute to the Nets' 35 years in New Jersey, years that he had a front row view of. Those memories, that view, will shape a lot of Monday night.

As he notes in his last "Sussman Sez" blog datelined East Rutherford, "There are many, many memories…both on and off the court…and way too many to categorize or quantify. But for all the long-suffering members of The Flock, who have certainly seen their share of tough basketball, you'll always remember that you witnessed greatness…because what J Kidd was able to do with this franchise is truly what the Hall of Fame is about…and we were able to view his magnificence up close and personal for the most spectacular run in Nets history. And I just wish that more would have viewed it as well, but that ship has sailed, and we are left with one more game on the schedule. As the New Jersey Nets. No debate over this ending."

The tribute will be shown in its entirety on YES.