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NetsDaily Draft Watch #6

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The Nets chances of getting at least one first round pick in the 2012 Draft dropped considerably Wednesday night as the Rockets dropped their fifth straight game and fell into tenth place in the West. Houston is only a half-game behind Devin Harris-led Utah, but both the Jazz and Suns, who are in ninth, hold the tiebreaker. The Nets pick is lottery-protected.

The Nets currently are tied for sixth worst record in the Lottery, with a 21.5% chance at a top three pick. It's possible, depending on what they and other teams at the bottom do, they could wind up with the fifth worst record, giving them a 29.2% shot. On the other hand, they could finish with the eighth worst record and a 10% chance.

Meanwhile, the Boston Herald reports a rumored trade for Paul Pierce "was never, according to our sources, near happening. (New Jersey was thought to be crazy for making the move for a 29-year-old Gerald Wallace; the Celts were said to be surprised the conversation for a 34-year-old Pierce lasted more than a few seconds.)"