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Wallace To Start vs. Knicks

A week ago, there were whispers that he was done for the season with a strained hamstring. What was the point of coming back? The Nets were going nowhere and he could opt out of his contract. An exacerbated injury would hurt his chances for a new contact. Still, he told Mikhail Prokhorov he would be back, and Billy King and Avery Johnson.

And back Gerald Wallace is. It's about professional pride. Johnson announced that the 6'7" former All-Star and First Team All-Defense member will start against the Knicks, but that he and Tim Walsh will be monitoring him closely. Johnson said Wallace has pushed him as hard or harder than any player to get back in action.

"I want to play. If I’m not hurt, there’s no reason not to play," said Wallace. "I love this game and I enjoy playing it."

Baron Davis will sit for the Knicks. Mike Bibby will start in his place.