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D-Will Out; Landlord Questionable; But So Is Crash for Last Knick Game

Ben Couch - Nets Basketball
Ben Couch - Nets Basketball

There have been a lot of low points during the 2,818 games the "New Jersey Nets" have played in the NBA, but things seem particularly disheartening now.. After the Miami Heat of New Jersey beat the Nets Monday ... as the crowd chanted, "Let's Go, Heat" ... and with the YES broadcast harder to find than Kim Kardashian's pre-nup, it's bad.

And for the final New Jersey Nets (Knets?) - New York Knicks game Wednesday, the picture doesn't look too rosy either. Deron Williams, who re-injured his left calf when Greg Stiemsma fell on it during the Celtic game, is definitely out, again raising the possibility that he won't play for the rest of the season (all of three games). Shelden Williams is questionable as well with a hyper-extended left knee. At least Gerald Wallace has moved from doubtful to questionable.

And so on the day the team photo was taken, Avery Johnson can only be assured that nine of the 15 players who posed will also be in uniform Wednesday.