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Players Get Ready for Brooklyn

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

Nets business operations have already made the move to Brooklyn, specifically to 15 MetroTech, a Bruce Ratner-owned building a short walk from Barclays Center. Billy King and Avery Johnson will have small offices at the arena but basketball operations staff, and the team, will remain in East Rutherford for at least another year until ownership decides where to site a new training facility.

So what's a player to do with the training facility still in New Jersey and the arena in Brooklyn? (Yes, there will be a practice court at the arena, but it's more suitable for pre-game shootarounds.) Only one Net, Deron Williams, lives in New York, the rest still in New Jersey, a number of them in a gated community along the Hudson.

Stefan Bondy talked to a couple of Nets. Jordan Farmar, who sounds more and more like he wants to stay next year, thinks Jersey City might be an ideal spot, claiming it's 20 minutes from both Brooklyn and East Rutherford (at 3 a.m. maybe). Anthony Morrow thinks he'll talk to a real estate agent.

Too bad those towers are still a long way away.