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Green: Nets Got Me Out of Dumpster

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A. Sherrod Blakely of New England Cable News tried to get Gerald Green to say something nice about the Celtics, maybe that he'd consider Boston, where he got his start in 2005, in free agency. Sure, Green said, he can't rule out anything this summer, but he continues to make it quite clear that he wants to be in one place next year, and that's Brooklyn.

"This is my home," Green said of the Nets. "They're the ones that got me out of the dumpster. So I'm not really trying to go anywhere. I'm not… I'm not thinking about that. I'm thinking about finishing out the season with the Nets and be back here next year."

Green explained the Nets gave him "an opportunity of a lifetime" when no other team would. "I really can't thank the Nets enough for how much they've done for me, as far as giving me an opportunity and signing me for the rest of the year; giving me my first shot in three years that I've been dying to have. If it wasn't for this organization, I probably wouldn't be here here doing this interview with you."