Nets should try revisiting the Princeton offense.

It's too late this season, but next season and beyond, the Nets should try and go back to using the blueprint that got them to 2 Finals appearances. The offense Avery is using, whatever the hell it is, WILL NOT give the Nets consistent long term success. You might get hero wins here and there like we have done this season (Chicago, Dallas, NY, Philly, etc), but tonight's game showed us how a good defensive team can easily stop it. I don't care how good DWill, Marshon, and Gerald Green are. ISOing each of them one at a time is not going to cut it. And what blows my mind even more is when we ISO Humphries. Just stop it. It's way too predictable, and the only way it works is if guys are making long distance/low percentage shots. It's as simple as that, if guys are having an off night shooting, the Nets can't win. We need to get better shots, more high percentage shots, and EASIER shots. Look at the Celtics offense. it's a well oiled machine. Guys are passing, cutting, curling, finding mismatches, playing inside out, you name it. That's a receipe for a contending team. Not our garbage elementary YMCA level offense.

So why don't we try Princeton? If you look at the current roster and the ones we had 10 years ago, they're quite similiar in terms of player style and ability.

Kidd - DWill

Kittles - Morrow/Brooks

Jefferson - Green

Van Horn - Wallace

Martin - Humphries

Collins - SWill

MacCulloch - Lopez

Lucious Harris - Brooks/Morrow

Aaron Williams - Jordan Williams

I know, I know. Some of these are bad comparisons. And the Nets overall had much better defenders back then (Kittles >>>>> Morrow/Brooks on defense). But overall, the teams have similar talent on paper. A great PG, atheltic SF's that can shoot and defend, sharp shooters, a rebounding/shot blocking PF, a backup center with good touch around the rim, etc.

If not Princeton, then just some sort of motion. How about that? Don't you get tired of watching Deron get a ball screen, pass it to the screener (who goes nowhere and looks back for Deron), get it back, dribble around like he's playing streetball, and throw up hail mary at the top of the key with the shot clock winding down, only to have MarShon do the exact same thing on the next play? That's terrible offense.