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D-Will's MetroPCS Commercials Air

One of Deron Williams' big new endorsement deals is with cellphone provider MetroPCS and Williams' first three commercials with the company are beginning to air. MetroPCS, a Dallas-based company, is also one of Barclays Center's founding partners.

In the most prominent ad, Williams is seen moving around the IZOD Center, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Beverly Hills, noting at each stop, "I can hit from here". He's dressed in Team USA gear (another MetroPCS partner) and dribbles a FIBA regulation basketball. He's also seen in commercials promoting MetroPCS range of apps and in one called, Deron's World, pushing the company's 4G LTE service. He plays it all very naturally.

Over the last several months, he has signed national deals with Audi and Red Bull in addition to MetroPCS. He's also signed up for regional campaigns in the New York area.