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Lamar Odom - Another Almost Net

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It's one of those "wudda, cudda, shudda" trades that were never made, like the one earlier this week that had the Nets almost getting Paul Pierce in March. Marc Stein's addition to the literature of what-never-was is a Weekend Dime report on how Lamar Odom almost became a Net in December.

The story goes like this: "sources close to the situation" say that Odom would likely have landed with the Nets had the Lakers' trade for Chris Paul gone through. Odom was headed to New Orleans in that deal, but David Stern ultimately canceled it. What wasn't known, reports Stein, is that the Hornets would have turned around and sent Odom to New Jersey, believing he'd prefer living in native New York. The Nets would have sent a first round pick down south.

Odom of course expressed his unhappiness about being marketed, then demanded a trade. He wound up in Dallas which declared him inactive this week. If the deal had gone through, he would have helped the Nets replenish their then-yawning Kardashian deficit. Odom is married to Kim Kardashian's sister, Khloe.