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Armor Credit Coach For Success

Springfield Armor
Springfield Armor

Back in D-League preseason, while the parent league was still deep in the lockout, Bog MacKinnon Jr. voiced optimism about his Springfield Armor club. Hired by the Nets' Milton Lee to turn the club around, MacKinnon predicted the Armor would win between 28 and 32 games. The Armor had won 20 out of 100 games in its first two years.

Friday night, MacKinnon, who won a D-League championship three years ago in Colorado, will be leading his charges into the playoffs, as the second seed...and the winner of 29 games out of 50.

His players believe in their chances and in MacKinnon, whose father was once GM and coach of the Nets.

"We talk a lot of smack; we get really physical," says L.D. Williams, an Armor guard explaining their success. "Today (Tuesday) was one of the most intense, physical practices ever. Guys literally almost fighting because we want to win, even during practice."