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Simmons: Nets Could Have Had Pierce For Pick

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A week ago, Bill Simmons wrote that the Celtics were close to sending Paul Pierce to the Nets at the trade deadline. On Wednesday, Simmons got a little more detailed...

Remember when New Jersey's bid for Dwight Howard fell through, then they panicked and swapped a top-three protected 2012 pick to Portland for Gerald Wallace, and everyone said, "Wait a second, why would someone give up a top-three protected pick for the third-best player on a sub-.500 team?" Not reported at the time: New Jersey could have landed Pierce for that same pick, only they chose Wallace because he was a full five years younger.

Pierce is owed $16.8 million next season and $15.3 million in 2013-14, though he can be bought out for $4 million in that final year of his contract.