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Prokhorov: "I Dream of a Dynasty"


In a meeting with five season ticket holders and NetsDaily, Mikhail Prokhorov reiterated his promise of a championship by 2015. He even said the franchise's move to Brooklyn opens new opportunities that could turn the Nets into a dynasty with multiple championships. The meeting took place in his suite at the Prudential Center just before the Nets lost to the Sixers and were eliminated from playoff contention.

"I dream about a dynasty not a single championship," said Prokhorov, arguing that Brooklyn with its global brand and marketing opportunities will change players' perceptions of the Nets. "Brooklyn helps us think globally ... gives us a competitive advantage." Among the global initiatives he plans for the Nets are more games overseas, including in Moscow as early as next season.

"Great players will be willing to play with us," he added, noting that some players he's tried to recruit in the past were turned off by having to wait a year or two for Barclays Center to be completed. "It was impossible," he said.

Prokhorov again steered clear of free agent or trade talk, but said his plan over the next three years is to add "one or two good players and have a little luck," an apparent reference to the Nets injury woers. Prokhorov said one player he particularly likes on this season's roster is Gerald Wallace, who met with him privately in the owner's suite.