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Magic Not Interested in Trading D12, But Here's Who They Want If They Do

Lots of cognitive dissonance Friday morning. The Magic are telling people they are not interested in trading Dwight Howard, but on the other hand, there are reports circulating of what they would want and who they have asked more. Meanwhile, Brian Schmitz is relaying word that Howard has a $400 sneaker deal and lots of promises from Mikhail Prokhorv, suggesting that the Orlando center is more about $$$ than W's.

Schmitz has been most active in laying out the Magic's moves. He tweets "Magic have talked to OKC but Thunder balks at giving up Serge Ibaka and James Harden to rent Dwight" and adds "BOS would gladly swap Rajon Rondo and old-timers for Dwight Howard in re-start, but that's East. Conf. suicide for Magic."

Meanwhile, Ken Berger says the Magic want a Carmelo Anthony like deal to move Howard, with young players and draft picks crucial to any deal. Not likely writes Berger, "For a variety of reasons, a similar haul isn’t realistic for Howard, despite the fact that he’s a far more valuable star than Anthony." In almost any case, Berger implies, the Nets are in good shape.