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Kennedy: "Rent-a-Dwight" Possible

HoopsWorld's Alex Kennedy set off a storm of tweets Thursday night with one of his own, that "If the Magic decide to trade Dwight Howard, sources close to the center believe it'll be to a team that'll rent him, not a team on his list." Then, later, he added, "the Magic haven't given any indication that they're ready to move Howard."

Still later, he tweeted that "It's very possible" that Howard will be with the Magic on March 16; that "from what he hears," the Warriors and Rockets are interested in renting Howard; and there's " also the possibility" that a team trades for Howard with the understanding that he'll opt-in next season; and the Hawks, who were once open to trading for him, "may be open" to a rental.

His HoopsWorld colleague, Bill Ingram chimes in with a tweet of his own, that the Rockets "hope" Hakeem Olajuwon could convince Howard to stay. That's it.